Who we are

The Cheshire CAT the ideal club for cyclists who live and train around Cheshire


Road racing, timetrials, triathlon, duathlon, track, MTB or touring, we cater for all forms of cyclist from novice through to the seasoned athlete.

The Cheshire CAT the ideal club for runners who live and train around Cheshire


Cross country, track or road - we have members covering various distances at paces to suit all abilities across the week.

The Cheshire CAT the ideal club for triathletes who live and train around Cheshire


Sprint, Olympic, Middle or Long Distance - our members compete at different levels across the UK and Europe.

What other members say

Daniel Chesters triathlete Cheshire CAT

Daniel Chesters

“I was one of the first members to join the club, and seen it go from strength to strength.”
Carl Bibby triathlete Cheshire CAT

Carl Bibby

“It's great training and racing with like minded individuals.”
Mark Latimer triathlete Cheshire CAT

Mark Latimer

“It's not just about the training and racing, its a social club to - especially in the off season.”
Maurizio Lucchesi triathlete Cheshire CAT

Maurizio Lucchesi

“Having two qualified coaches plus experienced athletes in the club means that you get quality help and advice that is proven.”

Why join the Cheshire CAT's

Below are just six reasons why you should consider joining our club. If you have any questions, simply fill in the contact form or give us a call.

  • Like minded members

    We have numerous members across different age ranges and abilities, with different goals and aspirations.

  • Help & Advice

    With two qualified coaches and an abundance of experience - help and advice is a given.

  • Discount at thetrimarket

    The club is supported by thetrimarket Ltd, and provides all members with heavy discounts.

  • Social Events

    Club awards night, curry nights, MTB days, social rides, training camps...

  • Great looking club kit

    The club kit stands out - and other club members comment on the kit. Currently provided by Champion Systems.

  • Training Sessions

    Swim, Bike and Run sessions are on every week - some coached some arranged by fellow members.

Join our club

If you are interested in joining our club, simply complete the form on the contact us page, or alternatively turn up at one of our training sessions to find out more.

The Cheshire CAT at Ironman Barcelona 2015

The Cheshire CAT is based in central Cheshire, and supports cyclists, athletes and triathletes - hence CAT!

Cheshire CAT is the new name for thetrimarket club, which was officially incorporated as a club as of November 2013 with British Triathlon, Cycling Timetrials Council and English Athletics. Cheshire CAT is a club based in Cheshire for Cyclists, Athletes and Triathletes - hence Cheshire CAT! The purpose of the club is to create an environment where members compete and share learning’s within the club members to create best of breed age group multi-sport athletes.